Startup Marketing through Content Marketing

29 Jan

If you are ever bootstrapping or you have some financing coming from investors, you money may be tight if you will get a startup off the ground. Though this may seem like there's no money in marketing and advertising strategies, it doesn't mean that there's nothing that you could do. A startup content marketing will be able to help you in letting the word out, engage with new customers as well as to retain the ones that are existing already.

Though your company may not have the big money for you to spend for a national TV ad or perhaps for multi-publication prints, there's an effective marketing which is budget-friendly. This would be content marketing. 

Content marketing have tons of benefits that are offered for startups which range from cost to its effectiveness. Some of the benefits that can be obtained from startup content marketing are as follows:

Increasing Brand Presence

A benefit that can be obtained from content marketing is that it could help increase the online presence of startups. When you are going to produce content, you will have tons to share on social media and more to put on your brand's website. The more that you have on your website and the more frequent your site is being updated, the better outcome will be on your search results. The more content that you also share on social media, the more people will share it and will follow or like your startup. 

Creates Authority and Expertise

Most people want to work with companies who knows what they are really doing. Publishing as well as producing content based on topics that are relevant with the industry or help people in solving a problem will help an audience know that you have what it takes to go in the industry and that you also know what you are really doing.  Find the best account based marketing agency or learn more saas marketing tips.

Increase Trust on your Brand

Based on a recent survey, branded websites are usually the most trusted owned media. About 70% of people in fact say that they trust the information that they have found on the website of the brand. When the company's website is full of valuable information and content, people will be more likely to trust you. 

Helps Businesses to Grow

There are about 60% startups who says that content marketing is a big help for the growth of their business. There are about 34% startups who said that content marketing is the main driver for growth and success. 

By looking at other startups who have successful used content marketing in growing their business and increase brand presence will be able to give you an idea as to how to make content marketing work for you well. Continue reading more on this here:

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